Diving in Utila

Dive Guide for Utila

Utila is a small island located in the Bay Islands of Honduras. Known for its affordable prices, laid-back atmosphere, and diverse marine life, Utila has become a popular destination for divers of all levels.

Utila's waters are home to a rich variety of marine life. Divers can expect to encounter colorful reef fish, sea turtles, moray eels, nurse sharks, and even whale sharks. The island is famous for its encounters with whale sharks which are often spotted between March and April and again from August to November.

Utila has a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere that attracts divers from around the world. The island has a small-town charm with beachfront bars, restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife. It is a great place to meet fellow divers, share stories, and relax.

Utila Dive Sites

Types of dives in Utila

Boat Drift Salt water Swim through Wall Deep (80ft/24.5m) Cavern Technical Wreck Current

Water Temperature

When to dive in Utila

Utila offers great diving conditions year-round. The water temperature ranges from 78°F (25°C) in winter to 84°F (29°C) in summer. The dry season is from November to April and is typically the best time to visit as it offers calm seas and excellent visibility.

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