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Imagine if you knew the best dive and snorkel sites before you arrived at your destination. What if you could easily search for a shore dive with an easy entry or a shipwreck you can snorkel? Details like GPS coordinates, photos, and helpful reviews from other divers and snorkelers could be right at your finger tips.

Finding useful information about dive sites can be challenging. Dive site details are typically kept by local dive masters or scattered across the internet easily lost in blogs, forums, and social media. Dive site and Dive shop information posted on TheScubaDirectory is easily searchable and accessible forever.

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ProShot & Tidal Sports

For 9 years, ProShot & Tidal Sports has been passionately crafting innovative underwater gear. Made up of a small team of ocean advocates who love to scuba dive, they’re driven by a mission to enhance underwater exploration through quality equipment while actively engaging in initiatives for ocean and marine life conservation.


ScubaHankNYC is an experienced scuba diver hailing from the bustling city of New York. With a passion for adventure and a love for the ocean, Hank spends most of his time exploring the world's warm waters and capturing stunning moments through his camera lens.

Shark Angels

Shark Angels is a non-profit shark conservation organization that advocates for sharks and our beautiful blue planet by turning fear of sharks into fascination, and empowering the public through science, education, diving, legislation and outreach.

Dive Curacao

Inspiration & passion for Curaçao's underworld world is at the heart of this portal and all the information is from a diver's perspective!


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