Diving in Bali

Dive Guide for Bali

Bali, Indonesia, is a popular destination for scuba diving enthusiasts offering diverse underwater landscapes, vibrant coral reefs, and a rich marine biodiversity. Known for its warm waters and stunning dive sites, Bali provides excellent diving opportunities for divers of all levels.

Bali's waters are known for their rich biodiversity. Divers can encounter a vast array of marine species including reef fish, turtles, sharks, manta rays, and sometimes even sunfish during the right season. The vibrant coral reefs have a wide range of colors making for captivating underwater scenery and ideal underwater photography opportunities.

Bali is also known for its muck diving. The black volcanic sand found in some areas such as Tulamben and Pemuteran, is an ideal habitat for unique critters and macro marine life. Diving enthusiasts can spot rare creatures like mimic octopuses, ghost pipefish, seahorses, and various nudibranch species.

Bali Dive Sites

Types of dives in Bali

Boat Deep (80ft/24.5m) Salt water Shore Wreck Technical Current Snorkel site Surge Wall Easy entry Muck Drift Food vendor on site Restroom on site

Water Temperature

When to dive in Bali

Bali offers diving opportunities year-round but the best time to dive is during the dry season which typically runs from April to October. During this period, the weather is generally sunny with calm seas and good visibility.

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