Diving in Malta

Dive Guide for Malta

Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea south of Italy and offers a wide range of diving opportunities for beginners, advanced, and technical divers. Malta is known for world class diving and offers caves, wrecks, and reefs that are accessible from shore or boat.

Wreck diving in Malta is popular due to the island nation's rich maritime history and its strategic location in the Mediterranean Sea. Malta offers a variety of shipwrecks that cater to both recreational and technical divers.

The Maltese archipelago offers a unique and diverse underwater cave system that attracts experienced divers from around the world, making it a sought-after destination for cave diving enthusiasts. However, it is essential to note that cave diving is an advanced form of scuba diving and should only be undertaken by well-trained and experienced divers.

Malta Dive Sites

Types of dives in Malta

Boat Salt water Wreck Cavern Deep (80ft/24.5m) Easy entry Shore Swim through Technical Snorkel site Wall Current Surge

Water Temperature

When to dive in Malta

Due to its southern location, Malta experiences the warmest winter in Europe and has minimal rainfall. The clear waters of the Mediterranean provide excellent visibility for diving, typically ranging from 20 to 40 meters. Water temperatures vary throughout the year, with averages ranging from 14°C (57°F) in winter to 26°C (79°F) in summer. A wetsuit or drysuit appropriate for the season is recommended.

Essential Gear

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