Diving in Micronesia

Dive Guide for Micronesia

Micronesia is a region in the western Pacific Ocean consisting of numerous islands and island nations. It is one of the three main regions of Oceania along with Polynesia and Melanesia. Micronesia is known for its rich cultural diversity, stunning landscapes, unique history, and incredible scuba diving.

Scuba diving in Micronesia is a truly exceptional experience, offering some of the world's most sought-after dive sites, incredible marine biodiversity, well-preserved WWII wrecks, and vibrant coral reefs. The region's crystal-clear waters, diverse underwater landscapes, and unique marine encounters make it a paradise for divers of all levels.

Micronesia's historical significance is reflected in its numerous WWII wrecks. Divers can explore sunken battleships, planes, submarines, and cargo ships. These wrecks provide not only a glimpse into history but also a unique diving experience with opportunities for both recreational and technical divers.

Micronesia Dive Sites

Types of dives in Micronesia

Boat Deep (80ft/24.5m) Salt water Technical Wreck Wall Current Swim through Drift Cavern

Water Temperature

When to dive in Micronesia

Micronesia includes several island nations each with its own climate and diving conditions. Generally, the region offers good diving conditions throughout the year but certain periods are considered more favorable. Yap and Kosrae experience more rain from December to April and Chuuk and Palau have wetter months from May to November.

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