The Surface Marker Buoy can be used to mark a specific location, indicate a safety stop, or signal for assistance in an emergency situation. It is lightweight and easy to carry with you on every dive.

The finger reel is compact, lightweight, and designed for ease of use that allows you to deploy and retrieve the line quickly and easily.

Whats included?

  • 1x 6ft Surface Marker Buoy
  • 1x 100ft Finger Reel
  • 1x 3.5 inch double end bolt snap

Key Features:

  • Reflective band at top of buoy.
  • Weighted block in the bottom allows the Surface Marker Buoy to stand upright in water.
  • Screw down oral inflator.
  • Dump valve.
  • Regulator inflator. Allows the diver to inflate the buoy by flowing air from the regulator to the bottom of the buoy. The unique design keeps air inside until it is released.
  • Aluminum reel with 100ft of line.
  • 3.5 inch double end stainless steel bolt snap.