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Latitude: 21.53609

Longitude: -71.48050

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 Deep (80ft/24.5m)
 Salt water
 Swim through
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Site Access: Boat

Approximate Depth:
23m / 75ft

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Weather Forecast

Thu May 19

27℃ / 80℉

Overcast clouds


23 kmh / 14 mph SE



Thu May 19

27℃ / 80℉

Overcast clouds
Wind: 24kmh / 15mph SE
Humidity: 84%

Fri May 20

27℃ / 81℉

Light rain
Wind: 32kmh / 20mph E
Humidity: 86%

Sat May 21

27℃ / 80℉

Broken clouds
Wind: 34kmh / 21mph E
Humidity: 86%

Sun May 22

27℃ / 80℉

Scattered clouds
Wind: 36kmh / 22mph E
Humidity: 83%

Mon May 23

27℃ / 80℉

Scattered clouds
Wind: 31kmh / 19mph E
Humidity: 80%

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"Catacombs South Caicos"

Reviewed Feb. 10, 2020

We dove this in January 2020 with Eastbay Resort. Normally this site is too exposed with too much current but we had perfect conditions and west winds so it was actually an easy dive for the topography. Visibility was 100’+ And temperature was 79. Minimal current. Start the dive at the top of the reef wall at about 50’. Decend down the wall to about 85’. You need a guide as the entrance is a five foot wide slot in the reef wall. The slot extends all the way to the top of the wall without widening. Along the bottom of the slot are multiple caves. Enter the caves under the direction of a guide and many of them finally exit onto the wall face. This is a spectacular cave and slot canyon system. You would not want to be in there with any current! The South Caicos Reef has been trashed with bleaching in fall 2019, over fishing and a spreading coral disease. There were some typical reef fish and gorgonians but the hard vitals are really hurting. I would go out of my way to dive this one!!... Show More

Visited January 2020

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