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Dive Flag Marine Room, San Diego

"Great snorkel! "

This was a great snorkel spot - highlight was seeing all the leopard sharks! I was only out for about 20 min and spotted over 5 Leopard sharks! Not much else to see as it is a sand bottom with minimal other fish, and no coral but still very cool and interesting!... Show More Oct. 5, 2018

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Dive Flag Tortuga, Kauai

"Tortuga "

This was a good, easy dive site. Max depth on this dive was around 45 ft, averaging around 35 feet. Visibility was decent- around 40 ft. Water temp was 73F. At the beginning of the dive a Crown of Thorns was spotted. Throughout the dive I saw several green sea turtles, large White Spotted eel, Bandit Butterfly and a Peacock Grouper. ... Show More Mar. 19, 2018

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Dive Flag Sheraton Caverns, Kauai

"Cool Caverns! "

This boat dive was a great experience. I would recommend this dive if you are visiting Kauai. I really enjoyed swimming through the caverns, there was a ton of different marine life to look at throughout the dive. Luckily our group was the only dive group at the site during our dive, as it gave us more space to dive in the caverns. I can imagine it would get tight and chaotic with other groups navigating around at the same time. Some of the more interesting things I saw was several Green Sea Turtles sleeping under coral, a couple different eels - 1 free swimming Moray Eel, a Frog fish and a Sergeant Major egg patch . My max depth on this dive was 53 ft, averaging around 35 ft, Water temperature was 75 F. Visibility was around 40 ft. ... Show More Mar. 19, 2018

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Dive Shop Icon Bubbles Below Scuba Charters, Kauai

"Great Dive Experience! "

Our group of 7 did a 2 tank boat dive with Bubbles Below. I appreciated that this company only does groups of 10 or less, as it makes the dive more personable. Our Dive Masters were Anthony and Jordan. They were both very knowledgeable and friendly. The DM's listened to what sites we were interesting in diving, but also made sure the conditions were appropriate to get the best dive experience. While we were on the boat looking for a dive site, Jordan went through a book of Hawaiian fish pointing out different fish we may see during the dive. This was very helpful during the dive to spot different marine life. Before each dive a thorough dive brief was conducted by the DM's which made the dive experience more enjoyable as I knew what to expect. I would definitely return to this company for another boat dive experience. ... Show More Mar. 19, 2018

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Dive Flag Poipu Beach Park, Kauai

"Poipu Beach"

This was a very shallow shore dive. The entry and exit are beginner level , just make sure to enter and exit along the sandy spots, as there is quite a bit of rocks along the shore you need to avoid. The day I dove this area the conditions were not ideal causing the visibility to be poor, average visibility was around 6 ft. We ended up getting tossed around by some waves and had to abort the dive. The max depth I got to was 9 ft, averaging around 6 ft. We did spot a peacock flounder at the beginning which was pretty cool. To be able to dive this area you would need perfect diving conditions, as well it would be best to go first thing in the morning as this is a popular beach for tourists and gets quite busy making entry and exit more difficult. ... Show More Mar. 18, 2018

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Dive Flag Salt Pond, Kauai

"Salt Pond "

Entry and exit of this shore dive would be beginner - intermediate depending on the visibility. The entry and exit is quite shallow, combined with the waves made the visibility poor (about 5 ft.) You want to follow the rocks ledge out and go to the left. After you pass the ledge there is a lot of different coral to swim over. Visibility throughout the dive was around 20 ft. Average depth was 14 ft, max depth was 20 ft. Water temperature was 73 F. I saw a few turtles, lots of Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse, Morrish Idol and schools of French Grunt's. ... Show More Mar. 15, 2018

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Dive Flag Prince Kuhio Park, Kauai


This shore dive is an intermediate entry and exit. Water shoes are definitely required to walk over the rocks to get into the water. Once you've made it past the rocks there is a little ledge to either stand or sit and gear up. The dive is a fairly shallow dive. The visibility was poor on entry and exit as it was a bit wavy, once we got further out and deeper it improved to about 30 ft. Max depth was around 20 ft, average was around 12 ft. Water temperature was 73 F. During this dive I saw a couple turtles, rock movers and white spotted juvenile eel. ... Show More Mar. 15, 2018

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Dive Flag Koloa Landing - Shore Dive, Kauai

"Koloa Landing"

Boat ramp entry and exit. Fairly easy, and good for beginners. Slippery towards the bottom. Quite busy as it is one of the main shore diving spots on the island, and is also shared with snorklers. Visibility was poor initially swimming out but improved as you dive farther out. There is a couple different directions you can go out, our group went straight out. Average depth was 20 ft. Marine life spotted was a couple turtles - 1 very large one sleeping under the reef, few different eals and several trumpet fish. ... Show More Mar. 12, 2018

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Dive Shop Icon The Diving Center, Saskatoon

"Knowledgeable and Friendly ! "

I completed my book and pool work portion of my Open Water Course through the Dive Center, as well as my Nitrox certification. All the staff were friendly and great to work with. I have purchased all my dive equipment through the Dive Center, and throughout the years I’ve gotten my equipment serviced through this shop. The staff has always been helpful, professional and knowledgeable ... Show More Jun. 30, 2017

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Dive Shop Icon Reef Divers at Cayman Brac, Cayman Brac

"Great Dive Shop! "

I completed my open water certification through Reef Divers. All the staff were great and fun to work with. During our holidays in Cayman Brac we went through Reef Divers for all our boat dives. The boat dives were well organized, with a detailed briefing at the beginning on directions for the upcoming dive and what sea life is common to see. They also gave a lot of good information on different shore dives throughout the island. There is a great little restaurant on site with a beautiful view of the ocean, the food was always delicious and convenient to grab a bite after diving. ... Show More Jun. 29, 2017

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